25 of the Most Interesting Sex Facts You Never Knew

Sex is quite the humanistic institution for obvious reasons: many see it as a mystery, others see it as recreation, and everything in between. You even begin to wonder how many people back in the caveman times learned how to snake the snake into the pit without having Instagram or Pornhub to teach you how!

sex facts

As mankind, though, continues to thrive with phallic superiority, and the vagajay roars like a lion of the savanna, one thing’s for sure: this list of sex facts will probably continue to grow. You’ll learn of stories that’ll blow you away; you’ll learn of medical facts that’ll make you go “HUH.”

More importantly: you’ll be evenĀ more interested in the concept of sex after reading up on this surprising list of sex facts. Click NEXT below to begin your stimulating enjoyment of knowledge: