490-Pound Woman Can’t Sit In A Bathtub But Is Rich As Hell From Webcamming

Hey, if you got it, flaunt it. And in this case, this 490-pound woman’s got A LOT OF IT. It seems to be working for her in spades. Dollahs. Moolah. Presidential flashcards, so we’re sure she can’t complain, plus (size) she’s confident as f*ck. Bravo to her. Check her out right here:

She’s 43 years old, and her name is Bobbi-Jo Westley. Her legs are gigantic. But you want to know what? She makes $2K a month just from webcam sessions under her stage name “The Ultimate Pear.” Eat that, Instagram models. This chick don’t have to spend tons of friggin’ dollars on cosmetic surgery just to make money off her boobs. She’s doing it all by eating McDonald’s every day.