Actress Caitlin Stasey Has Been Posting Full Nude Pictures On Her Website In The Name Of Feminism

Caitlin Stasey, 24, has opened my eyes to feminism. I never knew how amazing feminism could be till today. Stasey, known for CW’s show, “Reign,” has put up her own website called in the name of feminism. On this site, she has posted a few nude pictures as well as interviews and many other women that have forgotten to wear clothes.

The theme of this new site, is answering the question: “What does the word ‘woman’ mean to you?”

Stasey answers this in her own interview with:

“It can mean anything. At this point, in my world, it means a group of people of varying sexualities, ethnicities, body parts & mentalities forging ahead despite the push back of centuries of oppression. Women are fu**ing durable & powerful.”

If you ask me, this is how to get men involved in feminism.

So if you want to see her fully naked, take a look here for yourself!