The Most Popular Female Adult Film Stars Of 2017 On Pornhub

2017 still has a few months left before it mercifully ends, but based on this North Korea business we might not survive until January. So why not take an early year-in-review style look at the top adult film stars of the year? It’s a topic we’re fond of over here, and we’re pretty thorough with our uh, research. That means you can trust us. Plus we’re looking at the hard numbers rather than giving our opinion.

Now despite the staggering amount of people who partake in the adult film industry, it’s still considered taboo to have a favorite adult film star, as if having a favorite actress or actor is that different. Lighten up America! Embrace your naughty¬†side like Ted Cruz. So if you’re new to the game or looking to add a few more actresses to your rotation, Pornhub has got you covered. Based on the numbers, these are the most popular adult film stars this year.