She Was Anorexic And Weighed Only 98 Pounds But After She Lifted Weights, She’s An Instagram Hottie

Meet Silvia Fascians. She used to only weigh 98 pounds and dealt with anorexia. She turned her life around and now has over 15K fans on Instagram. I have a feeling that will sky-rocket once her story gets out to the masses.

According to Daily Mail:

Silvia said she began struggling with life-threatening eating disorders at 18 after leaving a professional basketball team and losing contact with her former teammates.

Recalling the chain of events, she said: ‘From the moment I left the changing rooms, my teammates, who had been like my siblings, never considered me again.

She went on to talk about how she wanted to make a change in her life. Her grandad passed away and she marks that as her turning point to fix her lifestyle.


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