The Apocalypse Is Here: X-Men Will Be First Film Selling Tickets on Snapchat

We wonder if this is the first film to sell ticketsĀ anywhere other than Fandango or other movie sites, or even the good ol’ fashioned ticket booth with the bulletproof glass and bow-tie-wearing motherf*cker processing your stubs. Whatever the case, it’s still quite the bold move away from the constant crazy selfies Snapchat is so known for.

X-Men Snapchat

It’s true: you can now get your X-Men: Apocalypse movie tickets on Snapchat as well as anywhere else you’re familiar with. Whether this is a great idea? People will have their opinions, but I’m of the opinion that this is bad-ass.

After all, if Domino’s Pizza can allow you to order a pie on Twitter, by golly we should be able to buy movie tickets for the next Magic Mike on Snapchat, right??