Artist Arrested By British Police For Letting Strangers Feel Up Her Boobs Inside A Box In Public

This sounds like something you would find in New York City in Times Square but it happened in Great Britain. No this article has nothing to do with the Brexit and everything to do with a woman getting feeled up by random people. The premise was strangers would first of course sanitize the heck out of their hands and then make their way into this mirrored box for 30 seconds.

Here’s the press release the artist put out:

Moiré has taken the liberty of showing female desire, thus giving women a sexual voic. The audience’s reflection on the mirrored box simultaneously becomes a visual metaphor for the role reversal from voyeur to the object of view: a constant play of inversions analogous to our roles in the digital world.

Doesn’t look like British police liked that though, and threw her in jail for 24 hours and fined her. She also performed this act elsewhere and the only thing Dutch police complained about was the megaphone being too loud… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯