Artist Attempts To End Sexism With This Beautiful Photo Series

As you know from Tumblr, sexism still exists in the world. It’s obviously far worse in less developed countries where women aren’t even allowed to drive.

If you compare it to some of the things modern feminists complain about, you’d think there was no sexism and these were just bored narcissists looking for attention.

The fact remains though, there is a lot of sexism in America. From the way rape is handled by law enforcement, to everything Roger Ailes has ever did, women are still not on equal footing in this country.

One artist sought to do something about it. Rora Blue took all the casually sexist comments women experience in their everyday life and added them to striking pictures.

She called this beautiful photo series “Handle With Care.”


Blue explains on her Instagram:”The photos aim to capture modern day sexism and some of the pressures that women face in society today.”