My God, Ashanti Has Now Redefined “Junk In The Trunk” And “Gams” With These Pics

My God, where have you been, Ashanti? And what a way to come back into the limelight with curves like THAT…. That’s a pretty clear sign, too, that she’ll stick around for some time. Butt banging with some major kicks to go with it, and a bust that’s not too shabby. She’s bringing back the fact that a black beauty got back, and we’re sure Sir Mix-a-Lot’s lovin’ it. Nicki Minaj better watch out. New cheeks are in town. Check it out:

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And that’s just to start…. Go ahead and click NEXT below to see some more of what Ashanti’s got that you’d love to grab onto. You know you want to. Go ahead. Click. Clickety.