Astronaut Drops The Codeword For Aliens After UFO Appears On NASA Stream

A conversation between an astronaut and NASA caught on video has ignited the internet, especially the part that is really obsessed with aliens.

During a live feed from the International Space Station, alien ‘experts’ claim that uses the word ‘gospel’ as code to describe a UFO that appeared on screen, as reported by The Mirror.

The footage was uploaded to two infamous UFO websites – renowned conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring’s UFO Sightings Daily and Secure Team 10.

Scott notes that the conversation about religion seemed odd and out of place.

He said: 

You can hear the astronaut speaking about God as a UFO appears, which is strange.

Although it’s not strange to think there may be astronauts who may be religious – I think it would be uncommon due to the training and scientific knowledge they have.

Check it out for yourself.