This Epic Compilation Has The Best MMA Knockouts Of 2015

These are the best knockouts of the year by far.

Fans of MMA often cite the brilliant technical work, but it’s still mostly all about the knockouts.

There is nothing more thrilling when watching two people brawl than seeing one of them get put on their ass with one good shot.

It appeals to our primal nature, remnants of more similar and savage times from our past. Whether they’re in the ring, an octagon, or a street corner with passerby screaming ‘Worldstar,’ we can’t get enough of seeing a good knockout.

Fortunately this compilation takes full advantage of it. The quality of the footage is top notch, there’s slow motion, and the mandatory epic score.

MMA – The Knockouts of 2015 – Vol. 1 by Caposa from Caposa2 on Vimeo.