Beyonce Got “Caught” Making Eyes At A Cleveland Fan, And Then She Struck Back!

I love Queen Bey more than life itself, not simply because she’s a f*cking gorgeous-ass black beauty, but the girl can sing, act, and even get a bit comedic at times. Take a look first at this pretty funny picture of her and Jay-Z, and a lowly Cleveland fan by the name of Steve Cespedes, enjoying the game at the moment. Tell me what you see:


Oh, baby, Bey is making some eyes with that guy over there, Mr. Steve Cespedes, whoever you are, and with Jay-Z right in the middle so completely oblivious to the eye contact going on. Apparently Huffington Post got wind of that photo, and social media went ablaze. You can imagine Beyonce saw it coming, too, so the Queen had quite the response to give the paparazzi, and he had Cespedes help her out with it. Check it out:

BAM. What, what…. You just got served, Huffington Post.