BroScience Absolutely Destroys This Stupid Dad Bod Trend

As an avid fitness enthusiast there is nothing more I hate in this world than watching people idolize a trend of overall laziness. OK girls, Leonardo DiCaprio is a multi-millionaire is who is 40 years old. He literally could probably look like Yoda and girls would still fantasize about his looks. That doesn’t mean chicks are just walking down the beach drooling over dudes who spent their days with 30 racks instead of squat racks.

Since I don’t have a YouTube account with over 1M subscribers… I guess I’ll just stick to bitching about it in my blog posts. Thankfully, ya boy D to the O to the M, Dom Mazetti took his turn absolutely ripping apart probably the dumbest viral trend I have seen…. well since the Kylie Jenner lips thing like 2 weeks ago.