Broscience Is Brutally Honest In “Anatomy Of The Modern Lifting Bro”

It amazes me how Dom Mazetti is still able to pump out a video every Monday that is seriously the most spot-on lifting shit you will ever see. I hit the gym 5-6 days a week and he’s literally describing half the college bros that going to the “Globo Gym” I attend. That perfectly cut t-shirt/tank, the fitted that matches the rest of your outfit, a long with some nikes that are brighter than a rave slut attending EDC. You guys know who you are.

Thankfully I have only seen a few bros filming themselves. Unless you have an Instagram with 10k + real users, there is no reason to be filming your shit at the gym. Hell I don’t even try to pick up chicks at the gym because you should be sweating your balls off and making ugly ass faces every time you are dealing with some heavy weight.

He has a couple of lines in this one that might make you pee yourself…. so don’t watch with earbuds at your local studying establishment.