A Morning Show Invited Rappers On To Battle And It Was Inappropriate And Terrible

Only in Canada does a local network morning show invite rappers on to battle it out. And they decided to pull this stunt the day after Valentine’s Day. It was a complete trainwreck. I mean Canadian rappers and morning shows. This little gem was put on to promote Blackout6, which is a Toronto rap battle. The station refused to post the footage and apologized multiple times. The guy who is behind the whole thing stated before the battle started that this began in the streets and that a rap battle is two people competitively “attacking each other with poetry“. He apparently didn’t realize that what starts on the streets of Canada should stay on the streets of Canada and should not, under any circumstances, be highlighted on a morning show. I’m no hip-hop critic, but I know enough to be able to safely say that these rappers are terrible, they’re slow, and not overly creative. And in case you don’t watch the video, here are some of the more cringeworthy lines.

Chances of you being a gangster are about as low as finding a virgin in Oshawa” – Oshawa is a city in Canada which is apparently notorious for its loose women.

And since I got the spotlight and I’m on TV, there’s something I want to say: Just cause Charron gave me head, it doesn’t mean that he’s gay. But hey, Happy Valentine’s Day.” – Charron is the name of one of the rappers because in Canada you want to have a misspelled woman’s name to appeal to the masses

“I spent my Valentine’s Day with a girl who is totally awesome. But you spent your’s in your room looking at pictures of Beverly Thompson.” – Beverly Thompson is the co-host of Canada’s national morning show. She also won a big humanitarian award several years ago.

The rappers were escorted out of the studio by security.