Guy Has Fake Casting Couch Auditions With Real Adult Film Stars

The casting couch is a popular genre in adult films, based on a very real practice that occurs in Hollywood every day.

For those that have lived a very sheltered life, the casting couch is a metaphorical and literal couch where aspiring female actresses and models are f**ked in order to get jobs.

Adult films immortalized this practice and inventsĀ various scenarios where calls for auditions end in sex.

casting couch

In this particular instance, a guy decided to find real adult film stars and put them through a fake audition.

He wanted to see how they would react if their new director had never seen an adult film before.

The ladies seemed pretty cool about going along with his shenanigans.

Since I know you so well, here are the actresses in order of appearance.

Nickey Huntsman

casting couch

casting couch