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Taylor Swift-1

Conspiracy Theorists Clear And Wide Claim That Taylor Swift Just Got Breast Implants

starbucks lawsuit-1

Starbucks Now Facing The Same Terror As McDonald’s Back In The Day Over Coffee Lawsuit

Omar Mateen-1

Orlando Gunman Omar Mateen Just Got Fired From His Job For Being A Freakin’ Moron

Leonardo DiCaprio-1

Sources Say Leonardo DiCaprio Has Extremely BORING Sex With Models (DUH)

Taylor Swift-1

Calvin Harris Just Served Taylor Swift With Some Yeezys, And Here’s Why!

Klay Thompson

Draymond Green Was Throwing Shade At Klay Thompson For Not Congratulating The Cavs

lesbian romance

Emilia Clarke Is Hoping To Start A Lesbian Romance On Game Of Thrones

Lindsay Lohan-2

First Lindsay Lohan Loses Her Mind, And Now She Bags Herself a Russian Fiance!

Mila Kunis-1

Mila Kunis Flaunts Her Second Ever Baby Bump For The First Time, And We Think It’s Cute

Charlie Sheen-1

Charlie Sheen Has Just Apologized In A Super Way For Messing Up “Two And A Half Men”

Jay-Z Beyonce mansion-1

You Won’t Believe How Many Bathrooms This Jay-Z Beyonce Mansion Has

Alina Henessy-1

You Won’t Believe Why Hot Model Henessy Offered Russian Footballer 16 Hours Of Sweet Sex

Leonardo DiCaprio-1

Leonardo DiCaprio Gets To Appear In Court Over Gigantic Lawsuit Regarding His Role As The “Wolf Of Wall Street”


Cheater Gets His Teeth Knocked Out By Girlfriend Who Then Filmed The Entire Thing On Snapchat For The Other Girl


Two Marines Are Making Our Military Look Really Bad With Their Alleged Threat To Attack Gay Bars


Steph Curry Could Get Suspended For Hitting An Owner’s Son In The Face With His Mouthguard

ayesha curry

According To Ayesha Curry The NBA Is Rigged And Cleveland Police Are Racist

Johnny Manziel-1

Two Weeks Ago, Johnny Manziel Was Flying On A Private Jet, And Now He Is….

car chase spy hunter-1

Wicked Driver Uses Smoke Screen And Spikes Against The Police During A Car Chase

Precious the dog-1

Hero Dog Saves His Port LaBelle Veteran’s Life, But Dies At The Jaws Of An Alligator

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