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Tara Reid-1

Tara Reid Makes Our Sharknado Spin as We “Tie the Knot” Here

Mila Kunis-2

Are We Surprised That Mila Kunis Has Great Sex With Ashton Kutcher?

Why Is Deadpool Doing an Erectile Dysfunction Commercial?

Olivia Munn

Why Olivia Munn Preferred X-Men Over Deadpool

Iron Man and Optimus Prime Superhero Beat Down

Iron Man and Optimus Prime Throw Down on YouTube

new Jesus Christ film

Commodus Caesar Meets the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo in New Jesus Christ Film?

Queen Elsa Frozen

Let’s NOT Let Go of the Idea That “Frozen” Queen Elsa Can Be a Lesbian

Star Wars Day

Star Wars Day: The 4th Has Awakened, and Here’s Why

Space Jam 2 Is Happening And LeBron James Might Be Starring In The Much Anticipated Sequel

Here Are Netflix’s Monthly Additions And Purges For May

Elizabeth Banks Is Looking Sexy Yet Scary In Her First Look As Rita Repulsa In Power Rangers

Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid And More Looked Stunning At The MTV Movie Awards

There Are A Lot Of Half Naked Sorority Girls In The New Trailer For ‘Neighbors 2’

Kristen Bell And Melissa McCarthy Feel Each Other Up In Hilarious Yet Awkward Clip

Try Not To Drool And Watch The Teaser Of Deleted Scenes From Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Sad Ben Affleck Is Sad After Hearing The Bad Reviews For Batman V Superman

Netflix’s Spring Cleaning And New Arrivals For April

Amy Adams Was Showing Off ALL The Cleavage At The Batman Vs Superman Premiere

The Backstreet Boys And NSYNC Are Teaming Up To Fight Zombies

You’ll Never Guess How Movie Theater Employees See Us Moviegoers And Their Jobs

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