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This Is The Biggest Poolside Brawl I’ve Ever Seen And The WWE Hasn’t Even Been This Crazy

Two Guys Tried To Tackle Ryan Lochte Live On Dancing With The Stars Last Night

free pet

Girl Offers Up Her Body In Order To Get A Free Pet On Craigslist


Woman Caught On Video Beating Herself To Frame Ex Fiance For Abuse

Solar System

Scientists Confirm A Mysterious Planet Threatening To Destroy Our Solar System

French Teacher Gets Caught Having Sex With Her Student On Prom Night, Says She’s The Victim

boyfriend saved

Boyfriend Saved His Girl From Getting Jumped By Knocking Out 3 Chicks


Burn Your Flash Drive, We Can Store Human History On A Quartz Coin For 14 Billion Years

Realtor Get’s Caught Having Sex In A Home She Just Sold And This Sounds Familiar

This Is The Nastiest Dunk I’ve Seen This Year And This Kid Is Only In High School


Cocky Dude Livestreams His Fight With A Teen And Things Don’t Go According To Plan


Twitch Streamer ‘Accidentally’ Left The Camera On While Getting A BJ

There’s Apparently Leaked Footage Of Harambe Having Sex And Is Nothing Sacred?!

exchange student

Teacher Allegedly Had Sex With Live-In Foreign Exchange Student While Husband Was Asleep

Assault Rifle

Guy Starts Gas Station Shootout With An Assault Rifle Over A Pepperoni Stick (Ricky?!)


Brother Beats The Guy Who Tried To Rape His Sister So Bad He’s In The Hospital

Looks Like Usain Bolt Was Cheating On His GF In Rio With Some Random 20-Year-Old Groupie

Idiot Tries To Entice A Raging Bull While He’s Inside A Flimsy Cage And Immediately Regrets It


Man Claims He Can Make Girls Show Him Their Boobs Using Pokemon GO


Apparently The Polls That Indicate Hillary Clinton Is Beating Donald Trump Are Rigged

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