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Say Hello To The Newest ‘Most Interesting Man In The World’ From Dos Equis


Negan Continues To Haunt Our Dreams In New Leaked The Walking Dead Footage

Naya Rivera, From Glee, Says That Getting Breast Implants Was The Best 8K She’s Ever Spent

French Teacher Gets Caught Having Sex With Her Student On Prom Night, Says She’s The Victim

Realtor Get’s Caught Having Sex In A Home She Just Sold And This Sounds Familiar

This Is The Nastiest Dunk I’ve Seen This Year And This Kid Is Only In High School

There’s Apparently Leaked Footage Of Harambe Having Sex And Is Nothing Sacred?!

Looks Like Usain Bolt Was Cheating On His GF In Rio With Some Random 20-Year-Old Groupie

Idiot Tries To Entice A Raging Bull While He’s Inside A Flimsy Cage And Immediately Regrets It

People Are Going Nuts Over This GoPro Footage Caught Of Bigfoot…By A Dog?

This Dude Just Came Up With The Perfect Way To Get ‘Free’ Beer

Seth Rogen Pranked New Yorkers With Talking Food And Holy S### I Need To See Sausage Party

These Optical Illusions Will Make Your Brain Punch You In The Face Since It’s So Confused

Crazy Drunk (Hot) Girl Went All Mike Tyson And Bit The Ear Of A Female Officer After A Bar Brawl

The Rick And Morty Cast Create A Mini-Episode To Hold Us Over Till Whenever The Hell Season 3 Comes Out

There Is A Pokemon GO Porn Parody And Is Nothing Sacred?!!?

Girl Gets Accidentally Put Group Text With Her Mom And There’s Some Sexting Going On

Teen ‘Drug Dealer’ Acts Like A Tough Guy To Get His Money And Proceeds To Get A Smackdown

Steven Avery Wrote A Letter To Dean Strang And Jerry Buting Saying They FAILED Him

John Hinckley Jr. AKA The Guy Who Tried To Assassinate President Reagan Will Be Released

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