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Krispy Kreme-1

Krispy Kreme Makes Us Kreme in Our Pants With Their New Nutella Donut

Here Are The 5 Most Important Things To Avoid When You Are Flying According To Flight Attendants

Drinking Two Glasses Of Wine A Night Actually Makes You Skinny

This Dad Punished His Son In The Worst Way

Scientists Just Found A Daddy Long Legs Spider That Must Have Taken A Viagra Before It Died

Guitarist Miraculously Plays His Guitar In The Middle Of Brain Surgery


Incredible Anti-Aging Drug Could Add Years Onto Your Dog’s Life


14 Things Everybody With A Penis Needs To Know

Two Floridians Have Been Getting Free Weed Since 1982…And It’s From The US Government

It’s Not A Great Day For Pork Products… Stop Bacon Shaming!

Give Your Woman An Instant Orgasm With This Magic Mushroom

Scared Of Flying? Just Have Sex

Science Says That Having Too Much Sex Will Make You Unhappy


Australia Might Start Chemically Castrating Pedophiles


Mom Faces Backlash For Breastfeeding Her Friend’s Son

States Aren’t Teaching Sex Ed Properly So John Oliver Is Wanting To Change That Now


Sorry Guys, Bacon Might Be Making You Infertile

Florida Woman Tweets That She Needs Weed, Police Tweet Back Hilarious Response

According To Science Porn Addiction Isn’t A Real Thing

Guys, There’s a Fake Batch of Condoms Going Around

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