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Assault Rifle

Guy Starts Gas Station Shootout With An Assault Rifle Over A Pepperoni Stick (Ricky?!)


Most American Bro Ever Shoots A Gun, Shotguns A Beer, While A Girl Gives Him A BJ


Brother Beats The Guy Who Tried To Rape His Sister So Bad He’s In The Hospital

body paint

Girl Overcomes Her Insecurity By Walking Around With Body Paint Instead Of Clothes

favorite video games

Adult Film Stars Are Talking About Their Favorite Video Games Of All Time

Cam Girl Cleverly Rigs Up Stream So That Donations Will Trigger Her Vibrator

UK rapper

UK Rapper Gets His Soul Punched Out For Dissing A Spectator’s Mom


The Reason PETA Wants Us To Stop Fishing Is So Dumb My Head Actually Hurts

Autistic Kid

Family Kicks Woman’s Ass After Finding Out She Bullied Autistic Kid

boob clapping

Woman Claims She Has No Talent Besides Boob Clapping And That’s Totally Cool

hot gamer

Hot Gamer “Forgets” To Turn Off Camera And Streams Her Masturbation Sesssion


Hot Girl Rubs Random Peoples’ At The Mall As A Really Creepy Prank

Britney Spears Music Video

The New Britney Spears Music Video Is So Hot I Don’t Know How YouTube Hasn’t Banned It Yet

Girls In This Video Are Flashing Their Boobs For, Internet Reasons

world record

Girls Shatters World Record With Deep Throat On A 34 Inch Balloon

Will Smith

Will Smith Rapped Summertime During A Commercial Break On Stephen Colbert’s Show


Bill Burr Narrating Keeping Up With The Kardashians Is The Funniest Thing On The Internet

hidden camera show

Girl Uses Hidden Camera Show To Catch Cheating Boyfriend And We’re On His Side


Bro Gets Caught Receiving Oral Outside Of A TGI Fridays

Dave Franco

Watch Cara Delevingne Crush James Corden And Dave Franco In A Rap Battle

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