China Is Going To Mars In 2020 And America Is Not Happy About It

With China committed to going to Mars in 2020, we could have another space race on our hands.

You might not know this if you’re under 25 or went to public school, but going to space used to be a big deal.

Back in the days of segregation, the Russians managed to put men in space first. This prompted a competition between America and the Soviets to get to the moon.

It was a golden age for science and space exploration. It also brought us the Cold War, but overall the commitment to space moved humans forward and a lot of the technology we currently take for granted is a result of that time period.

These days the space program hasn’t been shown the same amount of love. Largely because our elected officials are power hungry puppets of big business.

Without a perceived enemy, there hasn’t been reason for the US government to make it rain on NASA. Perhaps with China committed to putting a rover in Mars in 2020, that could change.

China unveiled a new little robot that will explore the red planet for a period of 3 months, according to the state media.


It’s the latest venture from China’s amibtious and expensive space program.