This Australian’s Chocolate Bar Resume Will Step Up Your Job Hunting Game

Wow, people get creative with their job hunting regimen, and long gone are the good ol’ days where a piece of paper with your qualifications suffices. Over in Australia, though, chocolate bars seem to be the norm, at least for this Australian women with quite the last name to f*ck up your tongue:

chocolate bar resume-1

What you’re looking at is a “chocolate bar resume,” a chocolate bar with a wrapper actually SERVING as the resume itself. Miss Choderballslinger or whatever her name is thought it would be catchy to include that chocolate with her resume as a way to entice hiring managers to keep her at the top of the candidate pool. Smart move, we think — and maybe that’s something us U.S. folk can consider when looking for a job. Just get a Snickers bar and put your qualifications on the wrapper.