Coldplay’s Table Gets Completely Trashed When An Unexpected Guest Arrives

After winning the Godlike Genius Award at the NME Awards in the UK, Coldplay probably thought they’d have a nice evening watching the performances. That is, until Oli Sykes, the lead vocalist for the Sheffield rock band Bring Me The Horizon, jumped on their table during a performance of the band’s song “Happy Song”. Right before the heavy drop towards the end of the song, Sykes leaves the stage, lightly pushes Coldplay’s Chris Martin out of the way, climbs on the table, kicks things over, and screams the end of the song until the table actually breaks.

While this may have just been a PR stunt, the bands have had a few issues in the past leading up to Coldplay’s new album “A Head Full of Dreams”. Coldplay’s album art is very similar to that of Bring Me The Horizon’s album Sempiternal from a few years ago. When you look at the two together, it’s hard to not see the similarities.


Chris Martin said after the show that he and the band had never heard of BMTH and instead of being offended by Oli Sykes’s statement at the NME Awards, they thought it was just a great rock show. I mean, they do look pretty happy in the pictures