The Complete Guide To Developing A Relationship With Any Woman

All successful relationships require hard work, even with a guide. You carefully build your relationship brick by brick, because if something goes wrong at a certain stage, the whole “construction” might collapse.

Of course, both partners should be equal contributors to the development of their relationship, but since men usually relax once they realize they’ve captured a woman’s heart, we’ll focus on a man’s role in building a proper romance.


Before a couple enters into a major long-term relationship they pass through four stages. Each has its own unique challenges and obstacles, and if you manage to overcome and deal with them, you’ll succeed. The following tips, provided by a Russian dating site that specializes in enabling men to meet and date brides from Russia, will teach you how to gradually build a successful relationship with a girl.

Stage 1: Meeting


When you approach a hot girl, always behave appropriately because even if you don’t know if you want anything more than sex yet, there is a chance you’ll want something serious later. That’s why you shouldn’t saying anything stupid that could ruin your future chances. For example, if a guy meets a beautiful woman, he may start behaving like he’s interested only in a one-night stand.

After having a conversation with her, he might fall for her personality in addition to her looks. But it’s too late at that point: he came across as superficial and interested only in sex. It will be hard to convince her you’re after something more substantial because you never get a second chance to make a first impression.