This Dad’s Snapchat Drawings Of His Son Are Absolutely Genius

The drawings this dad made of his kid on Snapchat are amazing.

Lukas Costeur’s drawings depict his young son Felix and have been a hit with the internet. The Belgian graphic designer took pictures of his son and transformed him into various fictional characters.

He posted them on his Tumblr blog SNAPDAD and people can’t get enough of it.
Costeur told Bustle that his job as a graphic designer got him used to sketching.

He said:

The difficult part is that I do this on a small smartphone with a normal stylus… It takes about 30 to45 minutes to finish one. If Snapchat doesn’t crash, that is. We’re enjoying every bit of [parenthood], even the harsh sleepless moments. That’s why I started drawing. To make the time he’s trying to fall asleep a bit more enjoyable.