Daniel Craig Done With James Bond, Even for a LOT of Money

I guess when you’re done being Bond, you’re done. Sometimes it’s just exhausting being a super-spy who gets all the ladies while dodging bullets, nuclear weapons, poisonous snakes, radioactive wolves, super-secret viruses sent to space, and other such novelties only dreamed up by the crazed lunatic mind of Ian Fleming.

And yet every Bond in history has somehow managed to still look good in a suit. Go figure.

Daniel Craig James Bond-1

It’s true. Daniel Craig is done being Bond. And while we’re not too surprised at that fact given his insistence that “Spectre” was going to be his last Bond film, the decision was driven home faster than a remote-controlled heat-seeking missile when the studio offered him a crazy $99.5MM for two more film installments, including all acting fees, endorsements, profit shares, a co-producer role, and a new killer gadget from Q (last one there was just a joke, guys).

Yep, Craig still turned down the offer. He truly is done.

We loved you Craig, and you had a tremendous run. But we’ve got to say…. Bond isn’t about the actor. It’s about the martini. We’re sure you already know this quite well.

Why else do you think Bond has had so many faces already? He’s practically immortal, for crying out loud!

Comment on who you think would make the next great James Bond. Let’s see what you guys think!