One Direction Dude’s Now In A Custody Battle With His Hot Baby Mama Danielle Campbell

Swear to God, this guy Louis Tomlinson (some guy from One Direction, we don’t know) had to have lost his marbles to ditch this chick by the name of Danielle Campbell. Why? Because she’s hot as f*ck (don’t worry, you’ll see just how hot in a little bit). Of course, she may be acting like a total freakazoid, apparently, hence why Louis and her are in some custody battle over their child due to Louis’ new girlfriend.

One Direction idiot-1

The story is Louis will be fighting for joint custody, claiming that Danielle’s keeping him from their child. Why? Because Danielle loathes his new girlfriend. We’d hate his new girlfriend, too, if we wanted to constantly get dry-humped by the One Directioner. But that’s just us.

Seriously, though…. Louis? Are you f*cking insane? Have you looked at this Danielle chick lately? We don’t care how the relationship is (plus you have a damn kid with the babe), but get the sh*t together and make it work. Click NEXT to find out why: