Check Out Dad’s Funny Reaction Over His Daughter’s New Tattoo

Nice eyes, chick…. And the tattoo isn’t bad either. You’d expect dear ol’ dad, though, to throw a hissy fit, but surprisingly, he was a bit cheeky in his response when this teenage daughter FINALLY decided to spill the beans and reveal the tat to the patriarch of the family. Here was his reaction, and it was golden.

Let’s just say that he got almost 100K likes for his response, proving that 18-year-old Ann Venezia of Phoenix, Arizona, was dealing with a real champ of social media stabbing. Something he could hold up against her, making him truly famous as a father not getting too bent out of shape over the lady’s tat on the arm.

Good joke, dad. And even better that you’ll never let her live it down. She’ll be asked about her dad constantly on Twitter. Check her profile yourself! Dad’s a freakin’ celebrity now.