Dear Taco Bell, Can You And Your Prices Chill The [email protected]%& Out?

To be honest, I don’t usually get angry but the other night Taco Bell made me so mad that I had just had to write about it. I remember the good old days when I could go to Taco Bell and get like two pounds of food for around five bucks. I could get full and still have a taco supreme for a midnight snack, all for just five Washingtons.

Now going back to the other night I went to the drive through after work and I was just starving. So I ordered a Crunch Wrap Supreme. That’s a staple of my orders at TBell, always get at least one. Then I ordered a couple of the new quesarittos. Eventually my order got to ten dollars and I felt like wow I should have just gone to Qdoba.

I returned home and ate my three items of deliciousness from TBell and you know what? I was still f*****g hungry afterwards. This was probably what annoyed me most.

While I’m at it, there is another Taco Bell problem that needs to be discussed. The damn sauce sayings. My friends and I used to go and grab a handful and make a hilarious improv ad lib game, and now no more. Whoever is writing these needs to step the f**k up and make some funny shit.

Just off the top of my head I can think of some great ones like “Get in my belly”,”I’ll spice your night up, if you know what I mean”, or “Throw me and call me a flying sauce-er.” Come on I thought of those in a minute, just think if my job title actually was “Sauce Saying Editor.” The least you could do TBell is take some twitter suggestions.

Lastly TBell what is this breakfast non-sense? I would much rather order a Sonic or McDonalds breakfast burrito before I order one from you guys. Guess what else Sonic wins at? I can order breakfast from them at any time! Game over they win at life. I love breakfast don’t get me wrong but I’m not a morning person so thus I’m going to eat breakfast food for dinner or even for a midnight snack.

So basically Taco Bell I ask you one thing. Just go back to the basics. Make some food that I don’t have to pay out my ass for. If breakfast is failing maybe just make it slowly die, I mean it kinda already is. And as for the sauce packets, my email is [email protected] if you want to hire me.