X-Men DIY Fanatic Creates The Ice Man Blaster Every X-Men Kid Will Want For Christmas

Dude’s name is Colin Furze, and he’s my f*ckin’ hero, man. A guy who can simulate and create a device designed to turn you into the Ice Man is gold in my book. The Ice Man blaster you’ll see in this video does, in fact, work — but be careful using it. Unless the one you’re using it on is Magneto, Apocalypse, or Sabretooth. Check it out for yourself:

He’s a genius. A friggin genius. Not only that, but he’s created a makeshift Death Star with 5K fireworks in it (don’t try THAT at home, kids) and a guitar flamethrower (ever seen the movie Mad Max: Fury Road?). He also created a bicycle that actually “hovers,” believe it or not. Yes, he’s THAT kind of genius.