Crazy Incoming UCLA Freshman Sends List Of Demands To Her Roommates And It’s A GIRL FIGHTTTT

There are some days where I think about my time in college and really miss it. College is some of the best times you’ll ever have, as long as you have good friends to enjoy it with you. So when I saw this crazy email stream, I couldn’t believe the sense of entitlement from this chick. This is why us millennials get a bad rap, because shitty people like Ashly. Let’s be honest she was screwed from the get-go with that dumb name.

It all started after Ashly’s potential roommates didn’t respond to an email after ONE DAY! Here’s what Guistinna, one of the girls in this roommate situation posted on social media. This first message is what Ashly sent after her email was ‘ignored.’


Oh this is fucking good. So how did Guistinna respond to these outrageous, bullshit demands?


Alright so Ashly will respond with something like, “Okay let’s contact the school because I hate you already.” BUT THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN! Apparently the trio will try and work this out? If I’m the two sane girls I create a Twitter account and just record Ashly’s crazy shenanigans.


Oh I really hope this saga continues. It just shows you never trust a chick that is named any form of the name Ashly. Spell it right ya bish.