ESPN Snubbed Steph Curry On Its Elite Point Guard List During The NBA Draft

Thursday was draft night in the NBA and pretty much all of us were focused on the new group of prospects and potential trades.

However, the NBA’s draft night is known to deliver the unexpected. A lot of unexpected indeed happened.

The Celtics managed to do nothing with EIGHT 1st round picks, the Thunder traded Serge Ibaka, but the most unexpected perhaps flew under the radar.

While the Kings were deciding on the 8th pick, Jay Williams was doing a breakdown on point guards, which included a graphic of the best guards in the NBA.

Noticeably missing from the picture was Steph Curry, this year’s unanimous MVP and the guy who led a 73 win team.

Sheesh, you have one historical Finals collapse and you’re suddenly worse than¬†Jeff Teague? Shame on you ESPN.