Burn Your Flash Drive, We Can Store Human History On A Quartz Coin For 14 Billion Years

Storing information on a quartz coin seems like it would be science fiction.

But if you’ve been keeping up with your tech news, you could have seen this coming. Previously scientists made a huge breakthrough when they found a way to store data on slivers of quartz glass for 300 million years.


In this day and age everybody is worried about storing their data safely because we have so damn much of it.

We’ve got the cloud, flash drives, external hard drives, all to make sure what we collect stays within reach.

Also in those movies where the world ends, filmmakers usually portray the loss of human history, whether it be from natural disasters or a tyrannical regime purging everything.

Thanks to this lastest breakthrough though, human history is pretty much safe. Our memories will essentially live forever.

Researchers have upped the storage and lifespan of the quartz glass to a staggering 14 BILLION years.

Let’s put that in perspective:

  • The Earth is 4.534 billion years old
  • The Universe is 13.82 billion years old

Data will basically last forever.