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In a recent interview with HuffPost, Morgan Freeman revealed that scientifically, a zombie outbreak could occur at any moment. That doesn’t sound right though, does it? A scientist has calculated just how quickly a hypothetical airborne zombie virus to cause a global pandemic. He revealed it in this clip of the Science Channel’s Through the Wormhole:

Now I don’t know about you, but the thought of turning into a zombie just by breathing terrifies me. That means there is nothing you can do to completely prevent yourself from being infected and eating your girlfriend’s brains. And girls, how can you trust that your boyfriend won’t try to eat your brains?


But he loves me, I swear!

You must be thinking, “Yeah, right. Zombies can’t ACTUALLY exist in nature, you dolt!” Well, zombie insects exist according to Wormhole‘s producers:

“There’s a fungus that takes over the brain of an ant and forces it to do things it wouldn’t ever want to do — like climb to the top of a tree and clamp onto a leaf with its jaw, where it dies, and then the fungus grows out of its head and rains spores down onto its family,” said “Wormhole” supervising producer Megan Parlen.”

That’s just simply disgusting and that better not translate to humans, but apparently it’s possible. And the worst thing is that there most likely will never be a cure! Through the Wormhole makes the excellent point that we have only eradicated two viruses from the face of the Earth. Two. Out of how many? Well twenty years ago a scientist named Stephen Morse estimated there to be around 1,000,000 different viruses for vertebrates. That’s a .000002% success rate. With a success rate like that we are all doomed to be a zombie at some point.

Just save our tears and don't let your dog get infected.

Just save our tears and don’t let your dog get infected.

Freeman shared his vision of an outbreak with HuffPost:

“Yes, it’s much more realistic to think that the possibility lies within a virus somewhere, and it could happen,” he said. “I think one of the main consequences would be that we’d have these large detention camps for people who exhibited symptoms. And let’s not forget the whole survival thing — that one emotion or drive will make you do whatever you have to in order for you to keep moving, for you to stay alive.”

And that might be an issue. Have you ever noticed in the movies how the person who gets infected but doesn’t say is always the one to cause the biggest problems? You’re just putting all of your friends and family in danger. I yell at them, but they insist on keeping it secret.

"This won't turn me into a zombie, and I won't try to kill you and your new lover."

“This won’t turn me into a zombie and I won’t try to kill you or your new lover” said the girl who did just that.

The single most likely solution was presented in the video. You have to kill each and every single infected human being. There may never be a cure, so you can’t take any chances. This isn’t the ending of World War Z. This isn’t the ending of I Am Legend. This isn’t even the alternate ending of I Am Legend! So, the moral of this story is that if your friend shows any zombie-like symptoms, do the world a favor and take them out.

Live it. Breathe it. Obey it.

Live it. Breathe it. Obey it.

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