Scientists Confirm A Mysterious Planet Threatening To Destroy Our Solar System

According to scientists our solar system could unexpectedly be destroyed.

It’s been well known in the community that one day the sun would die and take the Earth with it.

The prevailing consensus though was that the rest of our solar system would be mostly intact.

However, the existence of the mysterious planet nine could change all that.

Solar System

Without it, scientists believe that many of our neighbors – Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune – would be able to survive the death of our star.

This is because they believe the inflation of the Sun would swallow the Earth but would then transform into a white dwarf, pushing those planets to a safe distance.

However, new research into the mysterious 9th planet could ruin that ‘happy’ scenario. If that planet truly exists, it might not be pushed out, which would violently impact those other planets.

At least one of those existing planets would likely be thrown out into interstellar space due to the strange potential make-up of our solar system. This is based on new research from Dimitri Veras at the University of Warwick.