Steph Curry Could Get Suspended For Hitting An Owner’s Son In The Face With His Mouthguard

One of the hottest topics of conversation right now besides Ayesha Curry is her husband’s mouthguard.

During the game 6 slaughter of the Golden State Warriors, Steph lost his cool after fouling out for the first time all season.

Apart from telling the referee that the call was ‘malarkey,’ Curry, out of frustration, tossed his mouthguard into the crowd and hit a Cavs fan in the face.

Curry apologized to the fan before retreating to the locker room, but the damage was certainly done. On top of that, it wasn’t just a random fan he hit. It was the son of one of the Cavs minority owners.

Many are now speculating whether or not Steph will be able to play in game 7. Here is the play in question:

Based on precedent, it’s unlikely Steph will get a suspension. The only case where a player was suspended for throwing their mouthpiece was Udonis Haslem, and that’s because he hit a referee.

I believe Curry will play Sunday, but his bank account will be about $25,000 lighter.