The Drug Lord’s Widow Usain Bolt Cheated With Claims He Has A Tiny…You Know

Currently Usain Bolt’s historic and dominating performance at the Rio Olympics has been overshadowed by his sexual habits.

Based on these stories Bolt really is superhuman because he gets laid a ridiculous amount. Which is awkward because he technically has a girlfriend that he plans to marry.

Usain has been dating Kasi Bennett for awhile now, but that hasn’t stopped him from being balls deep in Brazilian strange.

Which is crazy because his girlfriend is absolutely gorgeous.


The story first emerged after pictures of Bolt in bed with Jady Durate hit the internet.


You know what also surfaced on the internet after this incident took place? Pictures of Bolt making out at a club with a totally different girl.


I’m guessing this triggered Duarte to lash out after finding out she wasn’t his go-to mistress.

Duarte decided to tell the press all about Bolt’s tiny penis, aka her feelings are hurt.

According to Daily Mail, the two first met in Rio nightclub “All In,” Usain introduced himself by flashing his six-pack at them:

‘He was stood in front of us and suddenly he pulled up his shirt and showed us his six pack,’ Duarte went on. ‘I had never seen anything like it. I just had to reach out and stroke it.

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