Draymond Green Was Throwing Shade At Klay Thompson For Not Congratulating The Cavs

Apparently Draymond Green was not fond of Klay Thompson and his lack of sportsmanship at the conclusion of the NBA Finals.

Considering Green has become notorious for hitting opponents in the balls, that is saying a lot. In case you missed this subplot among all the hoopla about Ohio finally getting a championship, Klay Thompson didn’t show much respect.

After the buzzer sounded and the Cavs started crying, Klay Thompson immediately walked off the floor without congratulating his opponents.

Draymond Green did the opposite, creating a powerful sports moment himself by embracing LeBron James.

Klay not showing any sportsmanship didn’t sit well with Green who said to The Undefeated:

“I just knew that going to the locker room after the game wasn’t right. That’s what a loser does. I’m not a loser. They earned it. They took it from us. It’s right to tell them congratulations. I made sure I got to everybody. The coaching staff. The players. Security guys. Everybody. They earned it. They never quit. I just wanted to make sure I got to everybody.”

Don’t be a loser Klay. Shake hands.