‘Crucial Witnesses’ Are Coming Forward With Evidence To Free Steven Avery From Prison

It seems like Steven Avery’s lawyer, Kathleen Zeller, is tweeting something new every week. It’s like we have mini “Making A Murderer” updates all the time, and it’s awesome. It just makes me way more excited for season 2. We might know the eventual outcome before it comes to Netflix though.

Zeller tweeted out this cryptic tweet, hinting at how science has changed since 2006.

It might be time to get some Wrestlemania ready on the TV, because Avery might be free within the next year.

Here’s what Uproxx has to say about Zeller’s premise:

Zellner’s “most comprehensive testing motion ever filed in the state of Wisconsin” is still waiting for a response from the courts, and Zellner has said she feels it will take between three and six months to do the extensive examinations needed. After that she hopes to present a more complete theory of what happened to murder victim Teresa Halbach and how the Manitowoc County Sheriffs Department supposedly framed Steven Avery for the deed.

Looks like Avery is really cashing in on that Netflix money by getting the best of the best lawyers. She is playing the social media game perfectly, and I can’t wait to see how this one ends.