Fitness Blogger Shows Off Her Before-And-After Stomach, And The Reason Might Shock You

Okay, women everywhere, we’re SICK of the body shaming you put yourselves through, and while many plastic ladies on Instagram can somehow show off through good lighting and camera angles that their damn bodies are as flawless as Hell, the fact is this: not evenĀ they are flawless. No one can be. Not even the hottest model can be. Hence why we’re looking at this picture right now:

fitness blogger-1

What you’re looking at is the before and after of a 12-hour interval, first photo at night after dinner, and the one after in the morning after. This is the stomach of one fitness blogger from Belfast, Ireland, Tiffany Brien, and just for the record — she’s gorgeous as f*ck. But she brings up a good point.

We have our bad days. We get bloated. We get stuffed sometimes (hellooooo, Thanksgiving!). But this former Miss Northern Ireland beauty queen has proven that while she has a pretty damn good bikini body, you certainly don’t need to be perfect.

Want to see her ‘face’ and ‘other stuff’ of hers, too? Click NEXT below!