G-Eazy Was On Snapchat Doing Coke Off A Girl’s Boobs, Because Of Course He Is

For those who don’t follow new music, G-Eazy is a successful white rapper.

He’s not as lame as Macklemore, but not as funny as Lil Dicky. G-Eazy also doesn’t try to sound like Eminem.

Basically he’d be a generic rapper if he wasn’t white. There isn’t really anything unique about his style.

Regardless, he’s super famous, as evidenced by the fact that was trending on Twitter all weekend.

Drake wasn’t the only person at the VMAs who got turned down for a kiss. Mr. Eazy was performing with Britney Spears and he tried to have an intimate moment with her.

Access denied.

To be fair, he did come away with some action while he was on stage. Perhaps that’s why he went for the kiss.


I’m sure he was disappointed, but based on his Snapchat, he got over it pretty quickly.

A Snapchat video showed him doing some nose candy off a girl’s boobs.

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