Game Of Thrones Actor Accidentally Leaked New Season’s Script On Instagram

I’m not sure what’s worse, a leaked script or the actual episodes. 

Probably the episodes, right? A script can be changed. Relatively recently we got some spoilerish Jon Snow news in regards to his fate on the show.

This time the person who dropped the ball was a newcomer to the cast. French actor Elie Haddad joined the cast of Game of Thrones for a presently unknown role. He’s made quite an impact so far.

UNILADs Game Of Thrones Actor Accidentally Leaked Script For New Season image

Mashable first reported his little oopsie when he shared a seemingly innocent picture of his iPad and cup of coffee with his Instagram followers. Why anyone would give a shit is beyond me, but fortunately he accidentally made the photo 100x more interesting.


Upon closer examination, Game of Thrones fans noticed that the iPad had a page from the season 6 script on it.

The picture was quickly deleted, but as you know by now, once you put something on the internet there is no taking it back.