Girl Sends This Bro A Sexy Christmas Snapchat And He Blows It Completey

This girl’s sexy Christmas Snapchat was not received the way it should have been.

If a girl sends you a sexy Christmas picture, it should be very obvious what her intentions are. I know girls stereotype guys as clueless, and this guy more than lives up to it.

The girl went on Snapchat and took this amazing ass picture, obviously with one thing on her mind.


After seeing this picture, the dude said “Was I supposed to get you something?”

Really? The fact that they are f**k buddies makes this even worse. You don’t have that close of a relationship. It’s obvious what she wants.

He followed that gem by saying: “didn’t know we were getting each other gifts.”

Her reply was much better. She told him, “Yeah I want something big”


His next reply makes me want to commit murder. His guess was, “Pants?”

She finally spelled it out for him by writing ‘You are supposed to say “my dick””

“Oh shit… I’m retarded,” he replied.

I hope he dies alone.