A Guy Died Of A Heart Attack During The Conjuring 2 And Then Mysteriously Disappeared

Well, the creators of the Conjuring 2 will be happy with this bit of publicity.

Those who haven’t seen it yet on the other hand might either rush to the theater, or vow to become a priest and never leave their church.

This bizarre incident happened in Sri Balasubramaniar Cinema in Tiruvannamalai, a town in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. During a Conjuring 2 screening, things took a turn for the weird.

The Hindu has the horrifying details:

A man watching horror movie Conjuring-2 dies in cinema hall here on Thursday.

Aged about 60, the man from Andhra Pradesh was staying at an Ashram here and was watching the movie in Balasubramaniyar theatre in the evening show.

He said to have complained of chest pain while watching the movie. The 108-ambulance was called but before they could arrive he was dead. Someone accompanying him hurriedly took the body with the help of an auto rickshaw to the place where he was staying. Police say that they have not yet received details such as name.

Police say that they have not yet received details such as name or whereabouts of the 60-year-old.

What the shit? How do you let the body get taken away? That country badly needs some 21st century laws.