Hot Blonde Teacher Arrested After Sending Nude Photos To Former Student

Texas teachers are just not doing well recently. Just last month we had another young hot teacher learn she couldn’t keep her hands off her students. Perhaps Texas in general is just not the place to be right now. Yesterday it was reported that a school police officer slammed a 12 year old to the ground. I guess you don’t mess with Texas.

Anyways, meet Kylie Modisette, 28, who has recently been charged with misdemeanor distribution of harmful material to minor. For those who don’t speak in police tongue, that means she was sending nudes to her students.


According to her ‘Rate My Teacher‘ page, she was given an one star in every category except for one, easiness. She got a 5 there. Then the reviewer said, “she sends nudes to her students.” Now the page is filled with trolls so the rating is a bit skewed.

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She worked at this school for 3 1/2 years and has since been put on administrative leave.