Kevin Love Celebrated The Cavs Title Win By Wearing An Austin 3:16 Shirt And Chugging Beers

Kevin Love made sure he made the most of this historic moment, and Steve Austin was indirectly part of it.

For awhile it looked like the Cavs weren’t going to get it done, in no small part because of how bad Kevin Love was playing.

However in game 7, Love stepped it up. His scoring wasn’t there, but he crashed the boards and played some surprisingly great defense in the final quarter.

He post-game celebration though might have been even better than his performance.

Love channeled WWE legend Stone Cold by putting on his signature t-shirt.

He completed the homage by chugging multiple beers in the locker room as the Cavs celebrated their first title in franchise history.

It’ll be just a little bit awkward if the Cavs end up trading Love during the summer. But his post-game celebration will live on forever.