I Guess We’re Doing Hot Acrobatic Hoverboard Dances To Bieber Songs Now

What planet am I on? This is one of those moments where if you told me this was a real thing in like 2008, I would be so confused. No big deal, just 5 hot girls doing a choreographed dance routine and acrobatics in music video on ‘hover-boards’ to a fire song written by a kid who used to look like this.
Biebs is on a roll with his new singles that he keeps dropping though. Give it up for the one kid who didn’t totally blow up and lose it when he went from child star to an adult. He may have some drug and stupidity issues, but I think he’s more than making up for it by making music and money at an ungodly rate. Back to the video. Not that I’m one for safety and precaution, but I feel like the shit these girls were doing were insanely stupid. I wonder how many hot acrobatic hoverboardists they went through in the making of this film. It also is another clear victory for the creators of yoga pants, who are always winning.