People Shocked at Instagram Fitness Model Hannah Polites Actually Being Six Months Pregnant

Instagram fitness model Hannah Polites has literally just pissed off every other pregnant lady in the universe with these pics, revealing that she is indeed pregnant. About six months pregnant to be exact.

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That’s her at the six-month mark. Seriously. You’re not seeing trick photography here. It’s as if she’s having a chick-pea for a baby in that oven. Just about every soon-to-be mother will want to bomb her house for possibly having the easiest time popping that turd out when the time comes.

The fact is pregnancy is different for every lady, and while in all honesty a pregnant lady is quite the beautiful one, there’s something odd about the fact that Hannah Polites still manages to look very much like a cut supermodel while obviously in her trimester. Doesn’t seem ‘natural’. But, hey, the doctor says it’s okay…. I guess she can live it up!

Want to see more hot pics of this soon-to-be MILF? Click NEXT below. Warning: these pics are ALL of her pregnant, believe it or not:


A photo posted by hannahpolites (@hannahpolites) on